Christ Lutheran School

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Above and Beyond

September 2nd, 2010

Seemingly out of nowhere, people appear to bring assistance and good cheer. We are appreciative of Bruce Schrader who spent several hours this summer with our scheduling software produce schedules and grading systems. He just appeared with his willing smile asking, “How can I help.” Thank you, Mr. Schrader. We love how you love and remember CLS.

And, then, there’s our wonderful Eleanor Mitchell. Out of the goodness of her heart, she has once again volunteered to serve coffee and her homemade goodies each Wednesday after Chapel. What a dear gift she brings, not only in her treats which are beyond delicious. But, we so appreciate her willing and generous heart. She makes it possible to share time after Chapel to talk and listen to one another.

It was a family reunion when the new blue and gold stripes were painted in the junior high hallway.  Bob and Linda Hermani did the initial painting and then utilized the talents and willingness of daughter, Melinda Ware, and grandchildren Hannah and Emily to apply the finishing touches. Their hard work will bring extra pizzazz to school spirit at CLS.

Seemingly out nowhere these people came? Actually, they didn’t just drop in from nowhere. They have a source. They are gifts from God. We say a huge round of thanksgiving to God and to them!