Christ Lutheran School

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1st Grade Curriculum

The primary focus of first grade is building a strong foundation in language arts and math for future learning. A variety of activities are used to encourage each child to progress socially, academically, and spiritually.


The goal of our first grade religion program is to help the children grow in their faith in Jesus and understand God’s love for them. Children are taught one or two Bible stories each week, emphasizing what those stories teach about our relationship with God. Children memorize selected Bible verses, The Lord’s Prayer, Luther’s Morning Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the books of the Bible. First graders participate in daily classroom worship, which includes singing and prayer, and in the weekly school Chapel service.


The first grade reading program, Journeys, is a strong phonics program which teaches children to become confident and independent readers. The children develop reading fluency and comprehension. Levelized reading books allow each student to progress at a pace that is appropriate for them. The Accelerated Reading program is incorporated into the reading program.


Children learn to express their ideas in writing by daily practice in writing sentences and short stories. Writing complete sentences and using appropriate punctuation is emphasized. Students also learn to use nouns, verbs, and adjectives in their writing.  Writing is shared with classmates and displayed in the classroom.


The spelling program follows the reading text, practicing one spelling pattern each week. Children learn spelling generalizations that help them to spell accurately in their written work.


Students practice proper handwriting techniques emphasizing neatness in their daily work.


The Saxon Math Series is used in first grade.  Hands-on activities are utilized to develop basic math skills. Children become familiar with numbers up to 100 and work toward proficiency in addition and subtraction facts. Concepts are explored on topics such as money, time, measurement, fractions, and geometry.


The science program offers students a chance to better understand the world around them through experimentation, discussion, classroom projects, and technology. Topics explored in first grade include: plants and trees, weather, magnets, space, insects, healthy bodies, and safety.

Social Studies

The first grade social studies program helps children understand their community as it relates to the world through discussion, projects and technology. Main topics studied include: rules and laws, geography of where people live, symbols and history of our country, how the world has changed from past to present, exploring cultures and economics.