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4th Grade Curriculum

Fourth grade is a developmental milestone as students build background knowledge to become independent learners and build good work habits. As the year progresses, the teacher directed activity is gradually replaced by student initiated and directed work. Higher-level thinking skills are developed.


Religion is taught through One in Christ by Concordia Publishing House and The Holy Bible. Throughout the year, major biblical stories such as creation, the flood, the Exodus, Jesus’ birth, and public ministry are covered. The miracles of Jesus are emphasized as well as the events from His baptism through Pentecost. In addition, a graded memory curriculum comprised of the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer and selected Bible verses is utilized.


The fourth grade English curriculum is comprised of two main sections, how language works and understanding the writing process.  How language works ties together gammar, usage, and mechanics teaching students to construct proper sentences and paragraphs. Students apply these skills through the five stages of the writing process as they create clear and descriptive texts. A weekly writing exercise is given on various topics to further develop writing skills.


The fourth grade curriculum includes an anthology of literature built around six themes. Within that structure, certain reading skills and vocabulary are focused upon. These skills include sequencing, main idea, supporting the main idea with details, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and point of view.  Essential reading comprehension skills are introduced to assist the students in becoming better readers and improving their comprehension levels. Literature elements and concepts are additionally emphasized through Book Units based on age appropriate novels. Accelerated Reader is utilized to grow independent reading skills with students being required to take short quizzes to reach an individual reading goal per quarter.


Each week’s spelling list is based on sound patterns and includes words from the reading selection for that week. The students gain knowledge by using prefixes and suffixes for changing root words. Weekly tests are given.


In fourth grade, mathematical reasoning and problem solving are developed and perfected through daily new lessons. Skills from the new lessons are constantly repeated in future practice exercises. Missing numbers in math computation problems are reviewed to accomplish entry-level algebraic reasoning. In great detail, the students learn multiplication with one and two digit multipliers along with division by one and two digit divisors.  Addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals are also taught in the fourth grade math class.


The fourth grade science curriculum guides students through individual units of study ranging from the engineering process to plants and animals to weather. Applications of scientific principles are emphasized through hands-on experiments, digital lessons, projects, and activities. The online science curriculum (Science Fusion by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) gives students access to their workbooks and digital lessons at home. Additionally, all fourth grade students participate in the Middle School Science Fair where they conduct original research and design and implement an experiment.

Social Studies

Fourth grade social studies curriculum guides and describes the eight strands of social studies, geography and mapping skills and regions of the United States. Each region’s geography, climate, people, historical events, and worldwide connections are studied. A unit on Arkansas History is included.