Christ Lutheran School

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The English curriculum is comprised of four parts – grammar, vocabulary, literature and writing. Over the three years (grades 6-8), all parts of grammar and mechanics are taught and then applied in a variety of writing assignments – for example a personal narrative, a persuasive essay, a research paper.   The students build vocabulary skills in word meanings, usage, word origins, multiple meanings, words in context, and synonyms and antonyms. Learning 10 words in a lesson, the students are exposed to 300 words over the course of each school year.

Each grade level has an anthology of literature built around themes. Each theme includes various types of fiction and non-fiction and focuses not only on comprehension but also on a variety of reading skills and strategies. 7th and 8th grade students read two novels over the year in addition to participating in the Accelerated Reader program where each student has an individual point goal to attain per quarter.