Christ Lutheran School

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2nd Grade Curriculum

The primary goal of second grade is to develop in our students a higher level of independence as learners. More emphasis is put on personal responsibility for completing work, using time in the classroom wisely, and following written directions.


Students are nurtured in their understanding and living of the Christian faith as they are taught a sequential selection of Old and New Testament Bible stories. Within this context, they learn key concepts of faith such as Law and Gospel, confession and repentance, forgiveness and grace. Second graders participate in daily worship as well as weekly school Chapel. Students learn Scripture verses through a planned memory program.


The second grade reading program reviews phonics skills and continues to develop reading fluency with a major emphasis on reading comprehension. Students are taught to read for enjoyment and information. Children read selections at their individual reading level from science, social studies, literature, and the arts. The Accelerated Reading program is incorporated into the reading program.


The writing process is used to develop students’ skills in the written word. Sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation and capitalization are taught to help children improve their ability to communicate through writing. Student writing is shared with classmates and displayed in the classroom.


The spelling program consists of words taken from the material in the reading text. Children learn spelling generalizations that help them to spell accurately in all written work. Students learn beginning dictionary skills which help them to spell more difficult words correctly.


Students practice proper handwriting techniques in their handwriting books and in their daily work. Cursive writing is introduced in second grade.


Addition and subtraction facts through 20 are reviewed extensively. Students learn about numbers and number patterns to 1000. Graphing, money, time, measurement, geometry, and fractions are included. Addition and subtraction of two-digit and three-digit numbers is emphasized. Multiplication and division are introduced.


Students investigate science questions and problems. Teachers facilitate hands on activities and encourage children to use critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. Students learn to see science as part of technology, personal experiences and the world around them. The curriculum includes plants and animals, rocks and minerals in Arkansas, space exploration, investigating matter and exploring energy and forces.

Social Studies

The second grade social studies program teaches concepts related to community, America, and the world. Social studies topics center around four major areas including geography and maps, United States history and Native american cultures in Arkansas, economics, and government. The geography unit includes a study of communities and use of maps. The history unit includes a brief overview of U.S. history and a study of Native American cultures in Arkansas. The economics unit introduces children to the concepts of needs and wants, resources, and work. The government unit teaches children about local and national leaders and about the rights and responsibilities of citizens.